“Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management” now available for Tabletop Simulator

May 16th, 2020

I’ve just released the Steam Workshop files for my card game, “Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management,” playable for free on Tabletop Simulator! Check it out here.

When I designed this game in 2015, I was very opposed to the idea of eventually putting it on Tabletop Simulator, because Pass the Buck was very much designed around shared human presence. As an emotion-first designer, the human players in a tabletop game are as necessary of a component as the cards. This shared physical presence within tabletop games is super important to me, and always will be.

That said, I do fear that a part of the experience will be lost in this port. I find Tabletop Simulator to be quite frustrating to use, and this game was very much intended to be simple and approachable. A fiddly digital interface is definitely not my ideal way of having players experience this design. But not a whole lot is ideal right now, is it?

With the boxed game no longer available to purchase, and with so many folks in isolation looking for ways to connect with friends and family, it seems like the right time to give it a try. If you play, I’d love to hear your feedback on the Tabletop Simulator port!

And if you’d like to download and create your own Print & Play copy to play with folks you’re isolated with, that’s still available to purchase for $5 on itch.io!

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