I’m an award-winning interactive designer, developer, and artist who creates remarkable experiences. Having worked for 15+ years in interactive arts and media, my portfolio of work centers around designing and supporting multidisciplinary projects that expand our perspective, help us learn about ourselves and each other, and challenge the typical boundaries of play.



My Story

Games, design, and technology have been a life-long passion of mine. I began studying front-end web development in the 90s, and freelanced as a designer and web developer as early as 2002.

After graduating in 2008 with a BA in Interactive Media, I teamed up with a couple of friends to form our own interactive studio in St. Louis, MO. We soon discovered a real love for game development, and chose to divide our studio efforts between both interactive client work and hobby game dev. In mid-2016, I left that team to explore new opportunities in games, strengthen my community efforts, and pursue a graduate degree. In 2019, I earned my MFA in Game Design from the NYU Game Center. I’m now a full-time senior game designer with Exploding Kittens, with a focus on mass market tabletop games.

In my nearly two decades of studying and working in interactive media, I’ve worked on videogames (PC, consoles, web, and mobile), tabletop games, experimental hardware, interactive installations, websites, mobile apps, comics, brand design, festival curation, and many other creative projects. I have a broad skillset that includes design (games, UX/UI, narrative, graphics), development (HTML/CSS, C#/Unity, JavaScript/JQuery, PHP/WordPress), project management, writing, art, animation, voice acting, and merchandising.