Why Are You Like This?

Published by Exploding Kittens, “Why Are You Like This” is the silliest word-guessing game you’ll ever play. You’ll team up with your friends to get each other to guess as many words as possible by either drawing, speaking, or gesturing while following needlessly weird restrictions that make you look like an absolute goofball.

I was given a unique challenge for this title — Exploding Kittens wanted to offer both a “party mode” for standard competitive team play, as well as a “date night mode” for cooperative play. We solved this by offering a dual set of instructions and curating separate sets of word cards to help encourage cheekier guesses with the “date night” cards.

As Senior Game Designer, I led the design, testing, and curation of all of the challenge cards and the entire collection of 800 words, collaborated with art and production to ensure that the design of the cards is clear and understandable, and collaborated with our localization team to ensure that the content could be translated and distributed globally.