The Art Handler (Google Arts & Culture)

Developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and my friend Rob Santos, the idea behind The Art Handler is to put artwork front-and-center without an expectation of “learning” anything about it. That is to say, the core idea is to focus on growing a feeling of familiarity with the artworks through close-looking, rather than trivia.

The “curatorial process” by which players eventually decorate the gallery is haphazard and ultimately dictated by failure, forcing players to confront the feeling of inevitably mishandling the artworks. This process also challenges players to balance their own skill with their desire to see more robust gallery walls.

You control a little one-wheeled robot tasked with delivering artworks as far as possible into an infinitely-long gallery. Your past deliveries appear on the walls as you progress, showing an ever-expanding gallery and your ever-improving skill. This is a fun arcade-style physics game that gives you exposure to unique pieces of art every day.