SmuggleCraft is a quest-based hovercraft racing game with random tracks, customizable vehicles, and a branching narrative. As a smuggler in a society in which travel, trade, and technology are highly regulated and virtually inaccessible for most, your deliveries could decide the fate of your world.

I worked as the narrative designer and character artist for SmuggleCraft’s first year and a half of development. I researched relevant histories of global revolutions and revolutionaries, in order to design a world teetering on the brink of major upheaval. Main characters represent many kinds of historical figures in varying positions of power, and act as the cornerstones of branching plot lines that encourage players to consider their own values and moral stance as they race, deliver, and fulfill requests.

I created a deeply realized history of the world itself, for which I designed representative iconography, religions, a caste system, and a geographic and environmental history. I carefully completed the branching plot structure and narrative guidelines prior to my departure from the studio in mid-2016, and wrote a large portion of the dialogue in the game.

I returned temporarily to the studio a year later to record dialogue for the Rebel leader NPC, Laren Butaro.