Power Hungry Pets (a Love Letter game)

Published by Exploding Kittens and developed in collaboration with Asmodee and the Love Letter team, Power Hungry Pets is a playful, silly take on the classic best-selling game Love Letter by Seiji Kanai.

Love Letter has been one of my favorite card games for about a decade, so it was such an incredible honor to partner with Asmodee and the Love Letter team on this. I’m so excited that we got to reimagine a game that has been so meaningful to me for so long, and proud of our team for breathing new life into it for a new audience.

In addition to harnessing many of the familiar cards and mechanics of the game, I designed and developed a handful of new cards to introduce more player interaction, new layers of strategy, and an overall “Exploding Kittens” party feel to the experience. I’m really proud of how the final game turned out!

Check out the How to Play video here: