Pepper Au Pair: Prepare to Care for Pears

Pepper Au Pair: Prepare to Care for Pears is an alternative controller game where you play an actual pepper, the Au Pair of five little actual pears. As the Au Pair, you need to keep the baby pears happy by giving them smooches until their pear-ents get home for bedtime. Or something like that. The game and controller were created in less than 48 hours for the 2020 Global Game Jam with the theme of “Repair.”

Built using Unity and a Makey Makey, players hold onto the pepper au pair as they squeeze the pears to care for them. The cartoon pears on-screen indicate which pears are upset and need to be given attention, and if they’re neglected for too long, they explode.

View the Presentation Video here. View an Early Gameplay Video here.