Kroma is an abstract strategy game in which 2-3 players capture territory by blending colors, resulting in a unique composition of hues and shapes. By layering transparent plastic pieces of cyan, yellow, and magenta, players create their “target” secondary color, score points, and create a colorful collaborative art piece through competitive play.

Design Process

Our team was interested in exploring strategy in a way that hadn’t been done before in tabletop games. Using light and color, we explored with the idea of blending colors and shapes in layers — the basis for Kroma’s strategic design. We laser-cut our own custom pieces and backlit board, and iterated through several shape design and gameplay methods in order to create a gameplay experience that’s both interesting and beautiful.

A group project with three other classmates from NYU—Francesca Carletto-Leon, Kai Karhu, and Temitope Olujobi—Kroma was an iteration on a two-dimensional territory-capturing strategy game that I developed in a small group earlier in the semester.