Echoic Memory

Echoic Memory, designed and directed by my friend Samantha Kalman for the Panic Playdate, is a musical puzzle game that utilizes the player’s own sensory memory and a playful twist of the crank. Ultimately it’s a game about listening closely, remembering, and manipulating audio (with a lovely story to boot).

I really admire Samantha‚Äôs work in audio games, so I was excited to collaborate with her to create a thoughtful difficulty arc within a musical auditory experience. I’m not necessarily an audiophile who works frequently with nuanced tones and sounds, so it was really interesting to translate the manipulation and recognition of audio into a level design with meaningful progression. It was very exciting to be able to switch my brain from pure game mechanics into level design specifically with audio.

To hear more about my work on the game, you can hear the official Panic Playdate podcast episode where the team and I discuss our experiences working on the game: