Cosmic Kitty Pop!

Cosmic Kitty Pop was a big part of my journey of feeling capable as a solo developer. For the years leading up to it, my contributions to games had been in art, writing, and production. To expand on my skillsets, I came up with a concept for a very simple game (whack-a-mole with a twist) so that I could easily teach myself fundamentals of development while also working on my art and UI design skills. The result is a simple whack-a-mole arcade game where players rescue cats from exploding in space. While I’ve grown loads as a developer since my time working on Kitty Pop, the lessons I learned have stuck with me—the development process gave me the tools and confidence to regularly prototype my own designs.

I developed Cosmic Kitty Pop with GameSalad, and did art and animations in Illustrator and Flash. Sound Effects were recorded on my iPhone and edited in Audacity. I had help with development, audio, polish, and UI from my colleagues at Happy Badger Studio.kittypop