Bumblebee Jam (enhanced with Bose AR)

Bumblebee Jam is an explorative choose-your-own-adventure musical experience played exclusively with Bose AR devices. Layer song loops, set in a world where flowers produce music.

Listen, explore, and nod along to the music, collecting song loops like pollen to blossom a musical garden. Using your Bose AR device, look around to find new sounds, nodding your head along to the beat when you find one you like. Explore as long as you want, discovering countless ways of layering together song tracks.

This game is an audio-first experience designed for Bose AR devices (Bose Frames, Quiet Comfort 35 II and N700 series headphones). You don’t need to look at your phone during gameplay—just enjoy the experience!

The game uses immersive audio, but you only need to move your head to look side-to-side and up, so it’s great to play while seated.

Created by Synesthetic Echo (Maria Mishurenko, Gordey Chernyy), Shak’ar Mujukian, and Carol Mertz