Anarchy Pancakes

Anarchy Pancakes is a quick and chaotic take on the classic matching game “Dobble” (Spot It). Published by Exploding Kittens and developed in collaboration with Eric Lang and Asmodee’s Dobble, it’s a fast-paced pattern matching game that encourages players to pay attention to their surroundings to find matches, block other players, and get rid of all of the cards in front of them.

It was an incredible experience to reimagine a classic title like Spot It, while also collaborating with such a skilled and renowned designer as Eric Lang. We had a great time coming up with ways we could maintain the balance and cadence of the original while injecting an added layer of fun and chaos for the Exploding Kittens party game fans.

Check out the how to play video (that I both wrote and voiced!):

You can read more about my experience and goals working on Anarchy Pancakes here in an interview I did with MojoNation.