Pay Art Forward

January 18th, 2014

We crave art. We use art to connect with one another, with our emotions, with our history, and with our desires. Without art, creativity, innovation, and inspiration, we would cease to fulfill what makes us unique and allows us to grow. Knowing these circumstances, we need to understand that art benefits from inspiration and encouragement.

Thanks to technology, creators have easy access to the necessary resources with which we can create and publish independently. Unfortunately, the very technology that allows us all this privilege is at the same time transforming us into a creatively entitled society. We have become a network of critics and cynics. We expect to be able to obtain art and entertainment for nothing, and sling insults when it’s not what we expect. We scoff at paying $2 for a video game, $10 for a masterfully crafted album, and we go out of our way to pirate a typeface rather than pay the small, hard-working foundry who created it. We are taking artists for granted, and we need to stop, because we are devaluing and denigrating the very art that we consume daily.

Actively support those who inspire you. Buy art. Create art. Sell art. Give art. Use your resources to support other artists financially. Take every opportunity to encourage other artists verbally. We’re all human, and no matter how seemingly successful or confident we are, we always need to hear that our work matters.

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