Making a difference vs. making a paycheck

September 13th, 2012

Many professionals hit a point in their careers when they find themselves questioning their job, and whether or not the time they’re investing is worth what they’re gaining from it.

Its easy enough to say, “I build websites,” or “I fix cars,” or “I sell coffee.” But if that’s all that you can say you’re doing, is that really enough? Does it excite you, satisfy you, or impact others in such a way that you feel fulfilled?

Find the deeper reason for what keeps you in your line of work. For the web designer, it might be, “I get to develop elegant ways to bridge the gap between people and the technology they use.” For the mechanic, it may be, “I ensure that people can travel with peace of mind.” For a barista or bartender, perhaps it’s, “I love getting to know people as I become a part of their regular routines.”

If you can’t sincerely come up with a way that your daily tasks give you some sense of fulfillment, it’s time to determine what can and will make you consistently happy. The chances of it falling in your lap are slim, so start seeking out new, challenging opportunities now.

For your own sake, I encourage you to work to make a difference, not just to make a paycheck.

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  1. George says:

    Good stuff, Carol. I’m gonna spread it around. Keep writing!

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