A place to grow

July 7th, 2012

Business ownership is not for everyone. It’s stressful. It’s demanding. It’s exhausting. I can’t imagine putting myself through the effort of entrepreneurship if I wasn’t absolutely in love with the work I do every day.

For two and a half years, my (amazing) business partners and I have operated Rampant Creative Group as a home-based business; meetings have been held in living rooms, coffee shops, borrowed spaces, and over Skype. Working at home was a great, inexpensive way to start, but we have discovered that our growth simply wasn’t sustainable in a home-based environment. Specifically, a work/life balance had become nearly impossible to achieve, and the possibility of interns and employees seemed unrealistic.

This summer, however, we were presented with a very positive predicament: we lined up both an intern and a large enough account to require an additional developer. As fate would have it, we quickly learned of an affordable rental space in Maplewood — an area we have become deeply involved in, and had been hoping to occupy. We got the ball rolling, and today we signed the lease.

We now have a place to work, to grow, to meet, to create, to collaborate, to learn, and to celebrate. We have an office.

Today was a wonderful reminder of why the effort is worth it. Today, I couldn’t be more proud to be a business owner.

2 Responses to “A place to grow”

  1. derek mabie says:

    It is a great neighborhood, and now you have another great neighbor.

    • carol says:


      We were excited to discover that window notes can be an effective means of communication in the event of power outages or zombie apocalypses. Or, you know, whenever. So thanks for that.

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